Anonymous asked:

you said message you anything... do you have any advice on how to fight the urge to cut yourself it's getting so hard lately..

i-dreamlovebelieve answered:

Anonymous, I want you to listen to me, carefully. God created you as a soul, a human being with a loving heart, made of gold. Lay your right hand over your heart, it beats right? You are a living thing, whom all care about, whether you recognize them or you don’t. Self harming, as some people believe, is a cure, when really its just a pain. Not only to yourself, but to others. Heres a thought that should sit in your head for a while: how many people are you hurting right now, because of what you do? Especially that I am posting this to over fourteen thousand people. You recognize how important you are. You are more than just important, you are loved, you are admired, and most of all, you are a voice of everyone’s heart. Many who struggle to encounter someone that will care, fail, but do you want to know why? They give up so easily because they’re already torn apart, but what they don’t see is that there is that one soul that actually really cares but was never noticed. Before you cut again, think about your life, about God, about that one person you haven’t yet noticed, and every individual person that has read, reblogged, liked, and most of all understood this message. I love you anon, as a soul, as a friend, and also as a human being. I care and those who reblogged and liked also cares. Then before you even think about cutting again, think about all of us. Have a wonderful day or night xxx


this girl is amazing